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Tapestry Throws

All-natural, cotton tapestry throws, ideal for multi-colored artworks and photographs. Available in two sizes.

Application: Throws, Blankets, and Tapestry-Style Artworks
Composition: 100% Cotton
Finish: Fringe Border
Care: Machine Washable
Sizes: 50x60 inches or 60x80 inches
Artwork Dimensions: 50x60 inches or 60x80 inches
Reversible: No
Price: $139 (50x60 inches) or $159 (60x80 inches)

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Tapestry Quality Details

These throws use the Tapestry quality, which approximates the colors in your original artwork using a standard set of yarn colors. No custom palette required.

Full composition view of the tapestry quality.

The multi-color construction of the tapestry quality allows you to use any colors in your artwork.

Tapestry throws come with a fringe border.

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