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Divan Quality

A smooth and structured fabric, ideal for detailed designs. Suitable for upholstery, pillows, and accessories.

Application: Upholstery / Home Decor / Soft Goods / Heavyweight Apparel
Composition: Polyester, Cotton, Rayon
Care: S-Clean with mild, water-free dry cleaning solvent
Weight: ~13.6 oz/ly
Width: ~54 inches (~137 cm)
Repeat Width: ~13.5 inches (~34 cm), repeated 4 times
Reversible: No
Price: $54 / yard

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Available Color Series



For heavy apparel like coats and jackets, Divan is a great choice. It’s also good for accessories like totes and bags.


Divan works well for pillows. Its structured fabric shows off your custom design!


With its durable finish, Divan is perfect for upholstery. Create a custom stool, chair, or even upholster a whole sofa!


There are many other applications for your Divan yardage. We can't wait to see what you come up with!

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