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Fabric Qualities




What is WOVNS?

  • WOVNS is a platform that enables designers to place their own designs into production for woven textiles.
  • We also offer the opportunity to sell your design through the WOVNS Collection, a curated selection of textiles by independent artists and designers.
  • For 100% Custom and B2B options, please visit WOVNS B2B page.

What is the minimum amount of yardage I can order?

What is the cost per yard?

  • The cost is determined by the quality that you choose for your woven textile (Divan or Talma quality). Divan is $45 / yard; Talma is $48 / per yard (shipping not included).

What is the lead time for weaving and receiving my order once I have submitted my file?

  • The lead time to weave your design is currently 3 – 6 weeks from receipt of your file.
  • Shipping times depend on the shipping option you have chosen. For details, please visit the Shipping tab.

What fabric qualities do you offer? Will WOVNS offer more qualities and color palettes in the future?

  • For launch, we offer two qualities that work with our color palettes: Divan and Talma.
  • Talma is a 46″- 48″ wide cotton and rayon quality, suitable for soft home goods, products, and some apparel. Talma has full width repeat capability. Fabric weight per yard is 14 – 16 oz.
  • Divan is a 54″ wide cotton, rayon and polyester quality, ideal for upholstery and products. The maximum repeat is 13.5″, and will repeat 4 times across the width of the goods. The fabric weight per yard averages 13.5 oz.
  • Complete fabric specifications can be found here.
    Complete file specifications can be found here.
  • Divan and Talma are best suited for duo-tone and tri-tone designs.
    For tips on working with these qualities, visit our Tutorials section.
  • Yes, we definitely plan on adding more fabric qualities, colors and price points in the coming year.
  • For inquiries on completely custom options, tailored to your specific quality and/or color requirements, please visit the WOVNS B2B page. Minimum yardage requirements will apply.

Are quality and color samples available?

  • WOVNS swatch blankets are available for order under the Design References and Products tabs on The WOVNS swatch blankets correspond to the digital palette series available on our website, and show all of the physical weaves and colors that are available for use. Please note when designing your file you must load a digital palette to color your design. See details in the following question.
  • WOVNS does not currently offer sampling (less than 1 yard) of your own design.

What are “WOVNS color palettes”? How do I use them in my design? Can I use more than one palette in my design file? Can I use my own colors?

  • The WOVNS color palettes are a series of download-able digital color profiles, required for use in your design, prior to uploading your file to the WOVNS website. They can be found on the WOVNS website by starting here.
  • There are 20 different digital palettes per color series: Landscape, Eden, Spectrum, and Pastel are the names of the color series.
  • One uses a digital palette in his / her design by loading it into one’s design file and applying the colors to his / her artwork. For details on how to use ASE and ACT color palette files, visit our Tutorials section.
  • Only one digital color palette may be used in a design file at a time.
  • WOVNS swatch blankets are also available to aid in designing your fabric.These woven swatch blankets let you see and feel all the colors and weaves available in the WOVNS digital palettes offering. Each blanket set includes a complete color series: Landscape, Eden, Spectrum or Pastel.
  • * Note: The WOVNS swatch blankets should be used as a reference for designing for the face of the fabric in most cases. With the exceptions of Palettes 1 and 2 of each color series, the coloration on the back of the fabric will vary depending on the palette that you use in your design file. If you are referencing a WOVNS Swatch Blanket and would like to design for both the face and back of your fabric, only use Palettes 1 or 2 from a given series.
  • If you would like to use your own colors in a design, this would be considered completely custom and minimums would apply. For details, please visit our B2B page.

How do I submit my file?

  • To submit your file, go to the Submit Design tab, located under the Create tab on the WOVNS homepage.
  • Please visit the Design section of this FAQ page to learn about creating your design and accepted file formats.